Empower Your Sexual Energy For Life
Millions of people are disempowered and living in fear, shame and judgment around their sexual energy.
For over two decades Lorraine lived that life of fear, shame and judgement and now combines her unique personal journey, knowledge, training, humour and healing to empower others in their sexual energy. 
Lorraine has empowered thousands of lives by supporting people to explore, expand and elevate their sexual energy.  She gives permission to have the conversations others avoid and transforms relationships, both with self and others.
Lorraine, best known as the Sexual Empowerment Liberator, believes when you empower you sexual energy you empower your whole life.
“Sexual energy manifests our entire life”  
Psalm Isadora
“Sexual energy & creative energy, is the same energy. They are the components of desire & allowing. Those are the two components that must be present in the successful creation of anything”
Abraham Hicks
“If anything is sacred, the human body is sacred.”

 Walt Whitman

“Once you have uncovered the secrets of mastering your sexual energy, you will feel a peace that you may have never known.”
Roberto Hogue
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