Sexual energy, and our connection to ourselves, and others, is an integral part of life and who we are.

Tantric Massage and Sacred Connection sessions empower sexual energy and your connection to sex, intimacy, and pleasure. It gives you space to come home to your mind, body, and soul.

It is not uncommon for us to experience sexual disempowerment or negative sexual experiences at some point in our life. We are all made up of energy and our thoughts, beliefs and emotions around sexuality, sensuality and sexual energy impact on our mind, body and soul. We can feel disconnected from our body, our sexual energy, and our connection to ourself, and others.

If you hold fear, shame, guilt, anger, frustration, resentment, and self-judgment around any aspect of sexual energy, it could impact and imprint into all areas of your life, including business




Improves physical health, relaxes the body, clears toxins, improves circulation.

Improves mental wellbeing, stress relief, produces feel good hormones.

Connects you to your physical, emotional, spiritual, and energetic body.

Builds body confidence.

Improves your sex life and connection to pleasure.

Builds bedroom confidence.

Heals sexual (and other) trauma in the body

Resets the body for receiving pleasure.

The Tantric Massage and Sacred Connection sessions are a 1-2-1 in person experience to realign, reset and reconnect you with your physical, emotional, spiritual, and energetic body. It empowers you in all areas of your life. 

It combines approaches and techniques such as tantra, tantric massage, mindfulness, mediation, breathwork and energy work to release stuck energy. The whole session is designed to honour you and meet you where you are at in your journey. It works within your personal boundaries, with consent and connection.


Tantric Massage Embodiment


Tantric Rituals / Tantric Practices


Meditation and Mindfulness


Breathwork and Connection


Energy and Chakra Healing

What does Tantric Massage and Sacred Connection involve?

Tantric  Massage and Embodiment.

The embodiment practices and massage are designed to move energy through your body, helping you release limitations, unwanted emotions and blockages. This is an opportunity to surrender, reset and connect back to the true you! 

The massage experience is different for every individual, and you may connect with emotions, thoughts, and reactions, within your mind and body. It is an opportunity to feel into your energy, align it, and discover new possibilities within you. At all times, consent, boundaries, and communication are encouraged and honoured


Energy Connection.

The session will involve aspects of mindfulness, meditation, breathwork and other practices to connect you to your energetic body, as well as your physical self. These practices support you in relaxing into your space, expanding your energy and creating a conscious connection to yourself, and me. These practices support to heal and move you from your head into heart, and connect to the whispers of your body. The energy connection will support you in becoming connected and present with your energetic and physical body and understand how to embrace it.


Sacred Sexual Honouring.

Within the session there is also an opportunity to connect to your ‘sex’.  For a male body, there is an offering to receive a lingam (genital) and prostate massage. For a female body, there is an offering to receive a breast massage and yoni (external and/or internal vaginal) massage. These are only if you are ready to receive and with your consent, boundaries, and communication in place. The massage is a healing, heartful, conscious and respectful experience with no expectations and no goal other than being present and honouring yourself in each moment. This massage works to reawaken, realign, connect and heal your sexual energy.


Preparing for the Journey. 

Before you book your day, there is a 30-minute online consultation. In the consultation we will discuss your insights, share questions, set the boundaries and map possibilities within your journey in preparation for the session.


Sensory Surrender.

Within the session there are numerous opportunities to explore your senses and connect with your sensuality in a deep, meaningful and playful way. This will be explored throughout the session with invitations to explore all of your senses.

Email to find out more and to book your consultation call. 

Location: Wateringbury, Kent 


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Just before Christmas I treated myself to a tantric massage with the fabulous Lorraine Crookes. For most of you, tantric brings Sting to mind, and SEX!! He famously shared in an interview that he practiced tantric massage with his wife for hours on end. But, let me tell you, it is far more than sex. In fact, it isn’t about sex at all. It is about having a voice, being heard, being witnessed and connecting with yourself on the deepest level. What I experienced is beyond words. It is totally about consent, the giving of, and receiving of, consent. To simply receive is truly magical and something that rarely happens, especially if you are a mum, partner and your work is supporting others. Lorraine creates the most nurturing space. She explains everything, you have choice about everything. I laughed, I cried, I relaxed in a way that I never have before in my life. It truly was the most fabulous experience, if you are remotely interested, intrigued or tempted, hesitate no more. Lorraine is a Goddess herself And for those few hours, so was I.
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My time with Lorri provides a safe space for me to be the real me. Living life as a transgender male can be difficult and Lorri provides me a space to explore who i am both in my physical body and my thoughts. She is accepting on every level and at no point did I feel shame or judgement. Lorri is an excellent massage therapist and healer.
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This was one of the most relaxing and memorable experiences of my life. I was quite nervous before going to see Lorri as I had no idea what to expect. We had a chat and she put me at ease. I enjoyed the Shelki Healing which was indeed a mind body experience. I felt so connected and at peace with myself and became more aware of my body. Anyone thinking of having a Shelki Healing I would highly recommend it – I will definitely be returning.
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When I arrived for my session I was warmly welcomed by the beautiful Lorraine and instantly felt at ease within a tranquil setting. I must say, that having a wonderful one to one Tantra session was truly amazing, something that I would never have dreamed of doing ever, but I am so glad I did. The whole session was just bliss, and the wonderful feeling I felt of fluttering butterflies being freed felt so natural and right, Lorraine was so gentle and kind and made everything seem so wonderfully natural I am soooooo happy, I can’t thank lovely Lorraine enough for setting me free. Xxxx
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Thank you for my appointment today. It is always a space I can escape the day to day life stress, enjoying a 1-2-1 environment and be me. The power of your touch and how you move energy enlightens the soul and I have really started to understand mine more. Its an amazing space where I can relax and be open in a personal environment, confidentiality is also an advantage.
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Hi Lorraine just thinking of you and wanted to connect….since connecting with tantra and being with you in the cabin I spent a few days healing, my yin has certainly opened up and I’m embracing my true goddess.. I can’t thank you enough for holding space for me! There are so many words.. that will keep flowing out I’m sure as my soul truth is more powerful than ever… I’ve regained my wild child with love that’s safe and honoured.. to total freedom fun and love.. ready to support others with such love and integrity.. my healing guides are flowing more than ever… I knew it would be hard to let go but knew it would be also very freeing… with love gratitude thanks x
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The massage offered was a refreshing and stimulating awakening to my sense’s which was pleasurable and good for my health and wellbeing, it had the added benefit of complete relaxation in a beautifully presented space which enhances the experience.