My Daily Self Care D0’s

There was a time in my life when I thought those who ranted about self-care were lazy selfish people who were just into the fluffy mushy stuff as a way to avoid hard work and the real world. I don’t think that any more – in fact understanding self care probably saved me from being very ill.

Learning about self-care showed and helped me to slow down, be present in my life and most of all – how to be happy. It is now something I do every single day, to get me in flow so I can be the best possible version of me. I now believe it is selfish NOT to carry out self-care because when I care for myself, I can help others in a more productive and supportive way.

For me having good self-care is now a non negotiable – it is an everyday MUST ! 
My 12 personal daily self-care DO’s are all based around things I NEVER did for myself before, but honour myself with now.  Maybe there are a couple you can add into your self-care!


  1. I start each day saying good morning to myself and smile
  2. I have breakfast
  3. I treat my physical body with appreciation – walk – dance – move – stretch
  4. I don’t compare myself to others – love me for me
  5. I practice breath work, meditation and/or mindfulness
  6. I never believe all my thoughts – some trick me into staying small and safe – that’s boring 😉
  7. I celebrate my wins in life – big and small 😉
  8. I do what makes me happy and lights me up EVERYDAY
  9. I treat others as I would want to be treated
  10. I am patient with myself – I am ever evolving
  11. I remember I can say no (with love) – if I don’t – my yes is worthless
  12. I write things down – diary, journal and I love a list 😉





Crystals, Chakras and Tantric Massage

I have used crystals in my own life for many years and sometimes include them in my Tantric Massage sessions.

I place them on my altar, ask clients to hold them in a session, meditate with them, and place them on blocked chakras and even massage with them.  Crystals have a vibration and frequency and as a result of their molecular structure can absorb negative energies, much the same as humans. Just holding crystals and connecting to what you want can awaken your energy centres (known as chakras) and create a flow of energy that supports you.

Crystals can work through the blocks sending vitalizing energy directly to the chakras and freeing us from old stagnant, tried and negative energy.

When working with sensual and sexual energy it is important to unblock and recharge both the base/root chakra and sacral chakra because they harness and house the key to our sexual energy.  The heart chakra is also important for love and connection.

Different crystals can connect with different chakras, normally based on their colour. The base/root chakra works with mainly red crystals. It is situated at the base of the spine, closest to the earth and houses the “kundalini” life force. It helps us with being grounded and works with the mantra ‘ I exist’ and honours living life proudly

The sacral chakra works with mainly orange crystals and is situated  in the lower abdomen. It is connected to passion, sexuality, intimacy, pleasure, money, creativity, and joy. When balanced, it allows us to improve our relationships with ourselves, and others. The sacral Chakra mantra is ‘I desire’ and honours living your passion.

The heart chakra works with mainly green and also pink crystals and is situated in the heart centre. It is connected to love and compassion and when flowing freely it supports healthy relationships and connection. The heart chakra mantra is ‘ I love’ and honours being open to receive love.

Some crystals that support sensuality and sexuality include:
Red Jasper
Invigorates the libido and prolongs sexual excitement (male). 
Orange Carnelian
Recharges the sacral chakra energy, enhancing sexuality and restores vitality to the sex organs (female).
Dark Red Garnet
Dissolves any blockages that might exist in your lower chakras. 
Pink Rose Quartz
Opens the heart to love and trust between partners. It also helps increase self-love.
Smoky Quartz
Helps you accept that sex is normal, healthy and enjoyable. It helps to cleanse your sexual centres so that energy can flow freely.