My Daily Self Care D0’s

There was a time in my life when I thought those who ranted about self-care were lazy selfish people who were just into the fluffy mushy stuff as a way to avoid hard work and the real world. I don’t think that any more – in fact understanding self care probably saved me from being very ill.

Learning about self-care showed and helped me to slow down, be present in my life and most of all – how to be happy. It is now something I do every single day, to get me in flow so I can be the best possible version of me. I now believe it is selfish NOT to carry out self-care because when I care for myself, I can help others in a more productive and supportive way.

For me having good self-care is now a non negotiable – it is an everyday MUST ! 
My 12 personal daily self-care DO’s are all based around things I NEVER did for myself before, but honour myself with now.  Maybe there are a couple you can add into your self-care!


  1. I start each day saying good morning to myself and smile
  2. I have breakfast
  3. I treat my physical body with appreciation – walk – dance – move – stretch
  4. I don’t compare myself to others – love me for me
  5. I practice breath work, meditation and/or mindfulness
  6. I never believe all my thoughts – some trick me into staying small and safe – that’s boring 😉
  7. I celebrate my wins in life – big and small 😉
  8. I do what makes me happy and lights me up EVERYDAY
  9. I treat others as I would want to be treated
  10. I am patient with myself – I am ever evolving
  11. I remember I can say no (with love) – if I don’t – my yes is worthless
  12. I write things down – diary, journal and I love a list 😉




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