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Sex Chakra’s – Root and Sacral Energy

The Chakra System is made up of seven spinning energy centres. They all care for different aspects of our physical, mental, and spiritual health. The first and second energy centres, chakras support your sex life.

The first chakra, the root support, is located at the base of the spine. It is the foundation of the human energy system and governs basic human needs around safety, security, survival and connection to the earth, it is also linked to your carnal desires. If you are out of balance at the root chakra it can result in fear and be difficult to open yourself up to intimacy.  if this chakra is in balance we feel complete, whole, safe, worthy and connected.  We fell connected to ourselves and each other and fell grounds and present in life. Going walking with bare feet can help balance this chakra. Connecting with nature, walking by the sea, a hike or long walk can help connect you to your root chakra and ground you. Grounding down makes us feel safe and less fearful, which opens us up to intimacy. A healthy and open root chakra is required for all sexual connections because of you are not feeling safe and secure, you will struggle to connect and to share our energies in a meaningful, healthy and connecting way.

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The second chakra, the sacrel, is located at the lower abdomen, genitals, and womb. It’s connected to desire, pleasure, creativity, passion, money, intimacy, sexuality, and procreation. If you are out of balance it can lead to a cooling of sensuality and creates physical health conditions.  Guilt can prevent a happy healthy sex life, especially if we link sex to shame, which can come from our childhood. Balancing of the Sacral Chakra allows us to improve our relationships with ourselves and others.

Often people can have a distorted sacral chakra as they consume media and images that tell us what sexy is and pornography which can replace a need for connection and intimacy with themselves or another. All types of trauma can also shut down this chakra and people can even suffer lower back pain, lower gastrointestinal problems, decrease in libido, lack of creativity and passion, addictive behaviours and isolative behaviour

To improve the sacrel chakra its best to ensure you live, work and play in a state of pleasure. This is not just sexual pleasure but all types such as eating favourite foods, yummy hot bath, massages, long walks, dancing and meeting friends.  It is possible to rebalance the sacral chakra by forgiving yourself and others, and accepting yourself as a sexual being.

Both of these chakras are core energy centres for out sexuality, sensuality and sexual energy and therefore a fundamental part of any relationship with have with ourself or someone else.


Communicating During Intimacy

Talking about your likes and dislikes in life is quite easy until it comes to talking about intimacy. Many of us find it hard to express what we want in intimacy because we don’t want to upset or offend the person we are with. We might be worried about being rejected and can find it difficult and awkward to talk about what we want.Despite it being difficult to talk about, it is very important to be able to express ourselves in intimacy. Talking about things before, during, or afterwards can greatly improve the experience and also help explore boundaries and consent.

Communication Tips

Be patient and understanding when exploring and try not to make anyone feel inadequate.

Be positive in sharing instead – focus on how you do want to explore rather than creating a list of dont’s.

Be clear about what you want, so your partner does not have to second guess or try to read your mind

Support a partner and guide their hands on your body and show them how and where you want to be touched.

Agree to always hold space for the other to say no to anything you don’t feel comfortable with, without judgment

Be open to new things and don’t judge a partners interests or desires when they share – We are creative human beings.

Tell your partner if you’re hurting or in pain. Honour them and yourself by being honest.



sex and meditation

Sex and Meditation

Meditation and sex may not seem to go together but there is surprising news……they do! Meditation and using the breath can actually improve a persons sex life in a big way.Meditation and using the breath in meditation has been part of my personal journey and self-discovery. It is also something that when typed into Google, it can lead to some interesting reading and research!

Our mental state in sex is very important and so is being present with the experience. Meditation has been found to increase desires, arousal and lubrication particularly for women and also help all of us switch off from every day life while being present with intimacy.Sex can often become something we do on auto pilot, a bit like when we drive a car. You know the day, and we have all done it, when you are driving and arrive somewhere and have no idea how you got there – in fact you don’t even remember getting in the car, driving it, changing gear or parking…….ever done that in sex?

We can all have times when we are so pre- wired to do things the same way that we don’t even worry that we are not present with the experience. Sex, like many aspects of life can become a routine, we can just run on auto pilot and not be present in honouring ourself, or our partner.It doesn’t matter if you are alone in intimacy, or with someone.  Being present with your amazing body is a great way to start being becoming more connected. You can do this by focusing on your breath and don’t wait to start – you can practice this during the day at any time to allow it to become a habit. Let’s face it, we need to be more present in many aspects of life.Concentrate on the flow of air through your nose and mouth, the feeling of the belly rising and falling. If you do notice that your mind has wandered you can bring yourself back to your body with the breath.Anchor yourself into a moment and be present with sensations in your body and be present moment to moment, if you practice the breath, you can retrain yourself and then do it without any conscious thought.Being present with the breath is a form of meditation and this can reduce the amount of cortisol in the brain, reducing stress and increasing libido.

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Exercise One – Allow your chest to expand. Take a deep inhalation through your nose. Retain your breath for a count of 5. Slowly release your breath by exhaling through your nose.

Exercise Two – Inhale for a count of 5. Exhale for a count of 5.

Exercise Three – Keep the mouth closed, inhale slowly through your nose for 2 counts. Shape your lips as though you were going to whistle and exhale slowly by blowing air through your lips for a count of 4.