Lorraine Crookes

The Sexual Empowerment Liberator

As an international speaker, best-selling author, healing practitioner, educator and CEO of Orgasmic Life, I empower sexual energy for life.
For over two decades, I lived a double life balancing my career as a middle leader and teacher in secondary education with my alternative and secret lifestyle in swinging, kink and BDSM.
This alternative lifestyle was the place I connected to my true authentic self, but there was a deep sense of fear, shame and guilt about my life choices. I was petrified of being judged, terrified of shaming my family, worried about losing my job and frightened of being ‘found out’. I suffered episodes of depression and physical illness, including mild alopecia. I battled with my emotions, my sexuality, my needs and wants. I felt conflict in all areas of life as my choices challenged my upbringing, my social and cultural values, and my perceptions of what was right and wrong.
In 2016 it all became too much and I knew something had to change, before it was too late. I wanted something different. I made the bold, and some would say stupid decision, and resigned from my career in secondary education. I had no idea what I was going to do but set out on a journey of self-discovery.
After many insights and revelation’s, I found myself exploring holistic and healing practices. I embraced many for my own healing but also studied and qualified in massage, mindfulness, energy healing and tantric massage. 
I addressed my fears, shame and guilt around my sexual energy, and felt inspried to start sharing my story with others. The more I shared my story the more I realised I was NOT alone. 
I set up my business, still struggling with some of my own journey, but realising I could help others feeling lost, scared, alone, ashamed and disempowered. 
Now known as ‘The Sexual Empowerment Liberator’ I have transformed the lives of thousands of individuals who have felt disconnected from their sexual energy. I have supported people challenged by a lack of knowledge, broken relationships, body trauma, abuse, medical conditions, sexuality, addiction and more.  I now educate through courses and workshops teaching about sexual energy, and share sacred tantric massage as a gateway to sexual empowerment
I speak on stage, radio, and podcasts sharing my story openly, and unapologetically with humour and insight, having the conversations others don’t have. My passion and purpose is to empower, educate and embody sexual energy supporting people to truly connect with their sexual energy through mind, body, voice and soul. To be empowered in their sexual energy, for life.