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Your sexual energy is an integral part of who you are. Your relationship with your sexual energy impacts on every area of your life.
It is not uncommon to experience sexual disempowerment or negative sexual experiences. This can disconnect you from your body and shut down your sexual energy and your relationship with it.
You are made up of energy. Your thoughts, beliefs and emotions around sexuality, sensuality and sexual energy impact on your mind, body and soul. If you hold fear, shame, guilt, anger, frustration and self-judgment around any aspect of sexual energy, it could impact and imprint into all areas of your life.
‘Soul and Sizzle Mentoring’ works with the energy of all of the thoughts, beliefs and emotions blocking your relationship with yourself and others.
It works by releasing emotional pain, memories, unconscious thoughts, and trauma. It transforms negative energy to realign your soul, and your sizzle, to more positive thoughts, beliefs and emotions. It gets you in flow with your sexual energy using a range of energy based techniques including the Energy Alignment Method.
Orgasmic Life works with all sex, genders and sexualities to support with challenges around medical conditions, mental health conditions, sexual phobias, sexual additions, survivors of abuse, confidence, and self-esteem and so much more…
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Just wanted to say a MASSIVE thank you for your EAM session! I knew it was powerful stuff anyway but how you deliver it with your own expertise, understanding and empathy is beyond words! The connection you have with what you do is phenomenal – you’re definitely on this planet for this reason 💕 You delved so deep that we uncovered things that I was totally clueless were in my energy, but woooow did they make sense! I’ve carried this behaviour burden unnecessarily my whole life – at 45 I get to understand it. That’s crazy! We released and replaced the ridiculous amount of toxic self doubt with love. I’d never have been able to say out loud that I love myself before but now I say it easily and I mean it. From the bottom of my heart I thank you for releasing the shame, fear, guilt and general shite from my energy and replacing it with love, compassion and excitement and above all freedom to feel I can (almost!) fearlessly move forwards now.
Su Winsbury
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Lorraine is intuitive and passionate about championing others. Her honesty, willingness to be open and vulnerable and her straight talking make her stand out …. in a hugely positive way. She is warm, honest, sensitive, has a great sense of humour.
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Before lockdown you taught me about breathwork and mindfulness and I have used these every day to help me manage the stress of being alone. I want to say thank you Lorraine for being you, sharing your gifts and knowledge, and most of all making me feel seen and heard.
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Thank you. You are really intuitive, you have a way of ‘seeing’ someone and knowing what is going on underneath in ways other people might not spot. You stand out for your very realness and being very warm, open and massively generous hearted, with a brilliant cheeky twinkle.
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I was introduced to Lorraine though EAM. I had a 5 hour VIP session over zoom. It was wonderful how Lorraine was able to get to the heart of the issues. She gently identified the areas I needed to address and then systematically enabled me to release the feelings, emotions and beliefs which were holding me stuck in my personal and business development. I have never felt so good, balanced and able to face whatever is happening in my life before. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.