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Lorraine Crookes, is an international speaker, best-selling author and CEO of Orgasmic Life. 
As a qualified practitioner in multiple holistic and healing practices, Lorraine is best known as The Sexual Empowerment Liberator. She is a much sought after expert in her field and has an exceptional gift that empowers, grants permission, celebrates and heals sexual energy. She openly, and unapologetically shares her extraordinarily journey with humour and insight. Lorraine has transformed the lives of thousands of people that have felt disconnected from their sexual energy.
Woman’s Own Magazine
May 2023 – Appeared in Women’s Own magazine in a joint article talking about first sexual experiences. . I, along with two there ladies, shared my story of my first sexual encounter, and my journey to becoming the founder of Orgasmic Life. 
Expert Profile Magazine
First article this year for Expert Profile. I share my Six Steps to Empowering your Sexual Energy. Click the link below to read – you will find my full page article on page 89. 
ANGELS AND DESTINYIn today’s episode I was delighted to chat to Lorraine Crookes about the huge misconception around Tantric Massage. The truth is that it works with mind, body & soul & has the potential to shift not only sexual energy but negative thoughts, beliefs & heal health conditions relating to sexual energy.
Her Health and Happiness – UK Health Radio
International Speaker, best-selling author, and CEO of The Orgasmic Life, Lorraine Crooks shares beautifully why sexual energy and sexual empowerment is vital to our health and wellbeing
EDGE OF FULLFILLMENT with Lorraine LaPointe (US)
Discussing how Sexual Empowerment can:
– Profoundly transform feelings of disconnection
– Resolve body trauma, abuse, some medical conditions
– Create a loving relationship with yourself and others
Explore these ideas and more, in this LIVE candid conversation.
How we can make sex ed more relevant for our kids with the modern pressures they face regarding social media, body image, early puberty, and access to online pornography.
Our schools are woefully ill equipped to properly prepare our kids and teens for a completely different society, and for parents this can often feel like a difficult subject to broach.
So let’s break the taboo, get it out in the open, and empower our children to make positive life decisions.
Chapter 23 – Lorraine Crookes
Empowered Life = Empowered Business
The Law Of Brand Attraction 2 is the World’s most essential ‘how to’ guide for every visionary business owner that’s ever dreamed of building a global movement and making a real difference in the world.
Each strategy is easy to learn, fast to implement and enables you to build a magnetic movement around the gifts and talents you ALREADY HAVE.
Featuring 27 inspired thought leaders from The Visionary Hub, plus Dr John Demartini from The Secret, this powerful book shares how every visionary business owner can build a highly personalised brand that creates a Ripple of Impact on a Global and social scale. Edited by the Founder of Brand Builders Club and  Visionary Hub, Sammy Blindell.
Life and Soul Radio
David presents a show everyday on Life and Soul Radio. The show is a mix of conversations with guests from the world of wellbeing and some uplifting music. 
Channel Radio
Channel Radio – The ‘Health Matters’ show is dedicated to keeping you informed and updated as to simple and effective ways to improve your health. Listen to the chat with guest Lorraine Crookes all about the Energy Alignment Method and Tantric massage.
Pearls of Wisom
This podcast interview is just wonderful, the conversation just flowed with the lovely Lorraine.  .  This lady’s knowledge and empathy with her clients is simply wonderful.   We laughed, we had some serious moments and we just had a great time the energy was very special on this interview.
Get in the Habit Podcast


David Finch a Hypnotherapist and Sue Allsworth, Journal Journey Mentor & Author talk about habits. How do we get habits, what habits do you have?Each episode, Sue and Dave will discuss your habits and their own habits and sometimes invite guests to share their stories.


Good Sex / Bad Sex
How do you have good sex and why do we have so much bad sex? Join Bibi Lynch and Miranda Kane, a Professional Prude and ex-Sex Worker, in conversation with sexperts, sex-haters and sexy muthers. Bibi and Miranda talk to Sexual Energy Practitioner Lorraine Crookes who got in touch with the podcast about the power of sexual healing.
Channel Radio
Every week there will be extraordinary guests.
This weeks guest are a panel of women… showing you the how to’s of telling your emotive story… How they couldn’t keep the lid on who they really were any longer…. Aly Harrold, Lorraine Sinyard (now known as Crookes) and Beverley Webb..
Gooddess Creations Empowerment
Goddess Creations empowers sensitive women around the world to transform their traumas and live their chosen, peaceful life by taking aligned action. Shamna van Santen-Grey
Live Interview with Lorraine Crookes speaking on Sexuality, Fear and Shame.
Lorraine Crookes, Shelki Founder Teaches Mindfulness and Meditation for Empowered Mental Health.
Lorraine Crookes supports people struggling with negative mental health teaching and empowering people through breathwork, mindfulness, meditation, and energy work.
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