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The Empowering, Educational and Embodied way to Master your Sexual Energy.

Online courses that empower and embody your sexual energy


12 Week Self-Study Courses that provide a Lifetime of Change. 

Sexual energy is often locked away due to fear shame and judgement. It can be suppressed due to guilt, social stigma and lack of knowledge.

Fed up with not having the intimacy and pleasure you crave?

Feel sexually disconnected from yourself, or your partner?

Want to embrace your sexual energy in a new way?

Want to be more empowered in sex, intimacy and pleasure?

Then Sexual Energy Mastery is here for you!



The mind is vital in understanding our sexual energy. What we think and feel literally rules how we show up in sex, intimacy and pleasure.
What we were taught in our younger years about sex, intimacy and pleasure often restricts and distorts what we connect to as adults.
This course releases those old stories and perceptions to empower you to explore new possibilities and make more informed choices.
The Story 
The Here And Now
Perception and Reality 
Sexual Energy and Mindfulness 
Understanding Emotions
Breaking the Cycle for Change 


The body is designed for sexual pleasure. When we fully understand its power, we can explore, connect and honour it in a new and empowered way.
The physical body requires breath, touch to survive.  When we embrace our connection to the physical body, our senses and its power, we can connect to sex, intimacy and pleasure in a whole new way. 
This course unlocks shame and fear around physical connection. It celebrates the physical body and its connection to intimacy and pleasure.
Honouring the Physical Body 
Embracing Touch 
Exploring Embodiment 
Breath work and the Body
The Power of the Senses 
Enabling Pleasure. 


The voice is the safety, survival and connection door to sex, intimacy and pleasure. Sexual energy without voice is disconnecting and disempowering. 
To be fully empowered in our sexual energy, we must have conscious communication, a clear voice and be heard. We must be knowledgeable and empowered in understanding and implementing boundaries and consent.
This module enables you to be more empowered in sex, intimacy and pleasure.  It opens the doorway to safe, clear and confident communication and understanding our own needs, and those of others.
Conscious Communication 
Having a Voice 
Boosting Boundaries
The Concept Of Consent 
Being the Listener 
Confident Connections 


Our soul is the ultimate connection in sex, intimacy and pleasure. It is the soul which moves beyond mind, body and voice.
The soul is the energy that aligns us and allows us to be more open and heartful. It is the energy that is honouring ourselves in each moment, being fully present and in flow. It is when we are self-aware enough to connect to our vulnerability in an empowered way.
In this module we expand the soul energy through sacred connection. We explore how sexual energy gives us the greatest power to align to our best life. 
Being Present with Intimacy 
Sacred Sexuality 
Heartfulness and Pleasure
Dreams and Desires 
Aligning Sexual Energy 
Awakening Orgasmic Energy. 

Each Course Includes:

12 Week course with six key areas to explore. 

Online Learning Vault with personal login.

24/7 access to course materials. 

Easy to follow materials and videos. 

New content opens every two weeks.

Empowering Activities to support sex, intimacy and pleasure.

Embodied Practices for developing new skills.  

Supportive meditations and journal prompts.  

Bonus Materials.

Discounted access to personalised support.

Every course offers a FREE 30 minute Exploration Call, 

LIVE with Lorraine Crookes. 

Let’s get you mastering your sexual energy, NOW! 


12 week online course £98 per course

Sexual Energy Mastery (all four online courses)  

£294 (save £98)

Tashii Louu Clark
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I had a magical tantric session with Lorraine, after feeling a lot of resistance, fear and blocks around sexual energy. She was patient with me and held space that enabled me to let go of anything that was holding me back. I will forever be grateful for the love and space that Lorraine created, for me to be able to heal on a mind, body and soul level.
Mark Brown
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Hi Lorraine, just wanted to say thank you for the meditation course you hosted Monday night. I have never really done anything like that before but felt so relaxed during and after the session. Thank you and I will look forward to the next one. Take care
Read More
Excellent content, delivered in a combination of mindful, restful and yet thought provoking ways by a lady who clearly knows her stuff and has empathy with her audience...
Nik Oakes
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Just wanted to say a MASSIVE thank you...... I’d never have been able to say out loud that I love myself before but now I say it easily and I mean it. From the bottom of my heart I thank you for releasing the shame, fear, guilt and general shite from my energy and replacing it with love, compassion and excitement and above all freedom to feel I can (almost!) fearlessly move forwards now..
Fiona Whitfield
Read More
Thank you. You are really intuitive, you have a way of ‘seeing’ someone and knowing what is going on underneath in ways other people might not spot. You stand out for your very realness and being very warm, open and massively generous hearted, with a brilliant cheeky twinkle.
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Both during and after the session I felt that the experiences I encountered in the meditations were exactly right for me. I felt both positive and uplifted and was very much at ease with myself, something which I'm experiencing in my life right now! Really glad I attended, so thank you Lorraine!
Wendy Baker
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I just wanted to share this testimonial with other people about the amazing Lorraine Crookes. Lorraine delivered a fantastic workshop for the women in my group. She is so acknowledged and experienced in her subject areas. Lorraine talks about subjects no one dare talks about. She does this in a way to make you feel both empowered and have self acceptance about you and your body. In the workshop we did different exercises and was able to ask any questions. Lorraine is both professional and really supportive. I came away feeling confident, calm and relaxed. I would highly recommend both Lorraine and her services. Thank you again.
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I thought it was well presented in a relaxed and inclusive manner. There was no pressure to share (if you didn't want to) . Although we all had different needs the group was supportive of each other and there was humour and uplift in each session. I personally loved that it was four weeks .....having recently done some longer courses it was refreshing to be able to commit the time and really enjoy the connection with others! Well done Lorraine it was a beautiful sanctuary!!!