What is the Sexual

Sizzle Mastery?

The Sexual Sizzle Mastery is a six-month transformational programme that will empower your Sexual Sizzle, and your life.
Through six awesome modules transform your sexual energy, sensuality and your relationship with yourself, and others. You will have permission to play and become more  connected to yourself and your life.
The Sexual Sizzle Mastery is part of the Soul of Sizzle Platform. It encompasses a combination of Lorraine’s 25 years experiences in health and wellbeing, her personal journey, and experience and training in tantric principles, energy healing, mindfulness, meditation and breathwork.
How doesthe programme work ?

Weekly meditations and affirmations


Group QA session bi-monthly


Designated Learning Platform


Optional Facebook / Telegram Chat


Self-expansion activities / home-play for every module


Module workshops - fortnightly LIVE on Zoom


Daily Journaling prompts to unlock your sexual sizzle , and life


Full access to membership platform for all six modules

What are the Modules?

Redirect The Movie

Your sexual conditioning, sex education and upbringing around sex directs all the scenes of your adult life and the relationships you have with yourself and others.

Exploring and re-directing the current patterns and scripts you have around your beliefs about sex, sexuality and sexuality is life changing.

This module embraces your sexual movie and empowers you to create new scripts, design new scenes and take the lead role in your future movie of fantasy, dreams and desires.

Ride the Waves

You are a human being designed to ride the magical waves of intimacy and pleasure.  Your body is designed for the ebbs and flow of touch and connection, your mind is created for the swells and surges of fantasies and desires.

Exploring the immense ocean of opportunities and possibilities in pleasure, connection and intimacy expands your sexual energy both in mind and body.

This module is an experimental whirlpool of delights that will ride and swirl your opportunities for pleasure in a new way.    

Sensory Sizzle

Your senses hold the key to your personal power. All of your senses connect you to the world around you. Senses feed the mind with information, cook up emotions and tap into memories

Exploring your sensory sizzle will whisk up a deeper understanding of how to connect to your sensuality, vitality and passion.

This module embraces a full menu of sensory explorations cooking up a plentiful plate of possibilities to expand and enliven your sensuality to a whole new level.

The H Spot

Your heart is a power house of energy and a key aspect to your energy life force. Your heart aligns you with love, joy, heartfulness and compassion. When you tap into this positive energy it supports you to connect to life from a place of ease and flow

Exploring heartfulness and gratitude will give you a deeper connection to self and  a light that radiates through any darkness and help you find your way. 

This module opens and expands the heart energy allowing you to embrace your needs, wants and desires without any set goal or destination.

60 Shades of Yes

The secret to all healthy relationships is conscious communication and boundaries.

Being able to communicate your needs, set your boundaries and understand consent is vital in every relationship in our life.

Exploring communication, boundaries and consent is important but the reality is that doing it can be challenging.

This module embraces the art of consent, the benefits of boundaries and the skills behind conscious communication in all relationships. 


Your sexual connection to self and your relationship with others can rocket sky high with active practices around meditation, mindfulness and breathwork.  These practices  ground you into experiences that give you the seeds to stillness.

Explore your body, mind and soul in a whole new way. Loose the fog that can cloud intimacy and pleasure and take your relationship with yourself and others  to a new and exciting level.

In this module you will connect to your energetic roots and learn amazing techniques and give you tools that will bring sunshine into all areas of your life.

When Can I Start?

There are six start dates in a year, and you can pick the best one for you. 

Empower your life NOW and book your FREE 20 minute Connection Call to find out how the Sexual Sizzle Mastery can change your life. 

What's my Investment?


Pay in one payment or 6 payments of £300

Andy Davis
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I joined this meditation session last night and just wanted to come on here and let everyone know that if the stress and pressure of normal life is getting a bit much, as I think it probably does for all of us then this workshop is the perfect antidote. As one of life's cynics I didn't quite know what to expect, but I was pleasantly surprised. The atmosphere was friendly and welcoming, the other members were lovely people. Lorraine herself clearly has a great deal of experience in this area and conducted the workshop beautifully. I came away for this feeling calmer, happier and with real tools for making my life better. I would urge anyone who feels like they need to reset and recharge to attend this workshop, you won't regret it
Mark Brown
Read More
Hi Lorraine, just wanted to say thank you for the meditation course you hosted Monday night. I have never really done anything like that before but felt so relaxed during and after the session. Thank you and I will look forwards to the next one. Take care
Read More
Excellent content, delivered in a combination of mindful, restful and yet thought provoking way by a lady who clearly knows her stuff and has empathy with her audience...
Read More
I thoroughly enjoy your style of presentation.....you deliver with humour.....no preaching just encouragement. The space felt very safe and supportive and even though we were only a group for four weeks it was easy to get to know others.... I felt that you enabled us to be open and honest
Read More
I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was the most inclusive learning experience I have had outside school. The content was user-friendly without being too fluffy. Delivered in a warm, friendly, supportive way, using a nice mixture of the ethereal and the practical
Helen James
Read More
I absolutely loved it. The course was well thought through with a different theme each week. I loved the mix of activities, meditations and discussion
Read More
Both during and after the session I felt that the experiences I encountered in the meditations were exactly right for me. I felt both positive and uplifted and was very much at ease with myself, something which I'm experiencing in my life right now! Really glad I attended, so thank you Lorraine!
Read More
Such a lovely group. Each session was engaging without being heavy. Something's were new to me and some were delicious little reminders of things I d learnt before but had forgotten to implement. Just what I needed at a crazy time. I really looked forward to sessions 2,3,and 4.....have to be honest I was a little apprehensive as to what I had joined up to before session one but the breath work session was superb.
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I thought it was well presented in a relaxed and inclusive manner. There was no pressure to share (if you did n't want to) . Although we all had different needs the group was supportive of each other and there was humour and uplift in each session. I personally loved that it was four weeks .....having recently done some longer courses it was refreshing to be able to commit the time and really enjoy the connection with others! Well done Lorraine it was a beautiful sanctuary!!!