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Lorraine Crookes

Lorraine Crookes is an international speaker, best-selling author, educator, emerging stabnd-up comedian and founder of Orgasmic Life.
Best known as The Sexual Empowerment Liberator, Lorraine is a much sought-after expert in her field.
Lorraine has empowered thousands of lives by supporting people to explore, expand and elevate their sexual energy.  She gives permission to have the conversations others avoid and transforms relationships, both with self and others. 
Believing when you empower your sexual energy you empower your whole life, Lorraine openly, and unapologetically, shares her extraordinarily journey with humour and insight. She combines her unique personal journey, knowledge, training, humour and healing to empower others in their sexual energy.



A presentation that transforms EVERY area of life empowering personal and intimate relationships There are many people who struggle with their personal and intimate relationships and face challenges around sex, intimacy and pleasure.

Disconnection can create mental and physical health challenges which can have a huge impact on every area life. This unique LIVE empowering, educational and engaging>presentation provides an open and honest conversation that can build confidence, connection and transform lives.

Who is This Presentation For?

Those who seek deeper intimate connection.

Those who desire greater health and happiness.

Those who feel curious, playful and ready to t something new.

Those who are ready to embrace change.

What Will Be Covered In The Presentation?

How to empower sexual energy to fuel your purpose, passion, and performance. 

Essential strategies to enhance orgasmic success at work and deepen.personal relationships

.How to get the edge on being the best business leader


Transformational Presentation That Empowers Business Leaders To Achieve Orgasmic Success.

Empowering business leaders to achieve orgasmic success in both the bedroom and boardroom, Lorraine’s methodology seamlessly blends together the principles of sexual empowerment with those of professional development and leadership. Lorraine delivers innovative strategies that harness the transformative power of sexual energy to drive success in both personal and professional realms.

Who is This Presentation For?

Those deeply committed to enhancing performance at work and deepening personal relationships.

Business leader who are open-minded and driven to improve emotional and physical health and well-being.

Pioneer leaders with the belief that the dynamics of home life, relationships, and family impact business leadership.

What Will Be Covered In The Presentation?

How to empower sexual energy to fuel your purpose, passion, and performance.

Essential strategies to enhance orgasmic success at work and deepen.personal relationships.

How to get the edge on being the best business leader.


Lorraine Crookes is an up-and-coming star in the world of stand-up comedy, known for her uncanny ability to turn everyday encounters into laugh-out-loud moments. With a wit as sharp as her humour,

Lorraine effortlessly weaves hilarious tales from her own life into her comedy routines, leaving audiences in stitches with her relatable anecdotes and witty observations. From awkward bedroom mishaps to hilariously relatable stories from her own life, Lorraine’s comedy is as real as it gets. Whether she’s sharing tales of her hilarious misadventures, her down-to-earth charm and infectious energy make every performance a must-see event. With her no-holds-barred approach and fearless attitude,

Lorraine fearlessly dives headfirst into the world of sex, sexuality, and all the juicy bits in between. But don’t let the laughter fool you—beneath the humour lies a message of self-acceptance and embracing the quirks that make us human. So grab a seat, buckle up, and get ready for a comedy ride like no other with Lorraine Crookes! With her quick wit, relatable humor, and infectious enthusiasm, she’s guaranteed to leave you laughing, thinking, and grinning from ear to ear.

Sue AllsworthAuthentic Smile
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Lorraine is a breath of fresh air. Not afraid to speak about intimacy and sexual energy communication and boundaries. Lorraine gives you a safe space to explore and delve deeper. . Highly recommended "
S. ThompsonCoaching
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I cant recommend her highly enough
Karen ShawAudience
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"Lorraine tells it as it is with real warmth and humour" Karen Shaw
Life and Soul RadioRadio Station
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"Lorraine talks from a level of knowledge which is empowering and refreshing, she pulls no punches and tells it like it is. If you are looking for an honest, relaxed and approachable speaker I would recommend Lorraine Crookes