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Orgasms are the ultimate climax in sexual energy. A state of being in the ultimate flow state, and a powerful energy that has the ability to create xxxxxx 
Would you want that energy in your work or business? 
Sexual Energy is our life force, it is the very essence and the core of every human being, It is also a top cause of depression, stress, anxiety, relationship breakdowns, physical illness and something many do not talk about. 
When you empowered in sexual energy, you are empowered in life and every area of it including work and business. 
Empower sexual energy is the ultimate orgasmic climax in your business.
Lorraine Crookes is an international speaker, best-selling author, educator and founder of Orgasmic Life.
Best known as The Sexual Empowerment Liberator, Lorraine is a much sought-after expert in her field.
Lorraine believes every business needs an org
that people empowered in sexual energy are empowered in all areas of life, including business.
Lorraine has empowered thousands of lives by supporting people to explore, expand and elevate their sexual energy.  She gives permission to have the conversations others avoid and transforms relationships, both with self and others. 
Believing when you empower your sexual energy you empower your whole life, Lorraine openly, and unapologetically, shares her extraordinarily journey with humour and insight. She combines her unique personal journey, knowledge, training, humour and healing to empower others in their sexual energy.









When we are empowered in our sexual energy, sensuality and sexuality you can be empowered in all areas of our life, including your business, 
Find out why it can change your life and how you can apply it. This is a very powerful presentation with insights and perspectives that will empower your life and expand your business.

Presentation For Those in Business

Why Your Business Needs an Orgasm

Talks For Secondary Schools

The Three C's

This presentation is for educational settings working with young people aged 14-16.
A powerful talk in which Lorraine shares about how having, and not having, conscious communication, consent and connection has impacted on her life and those she works with. 
Lorraine explains how The Three C’s work as principles, and how they can support intimacy, pleasure and relationships. 
An amazing talk delivered in a unique, fun and empowering way. . 

Behind Closed Doors

Lorraine has empowered thousands of people by openly sharing her story and explorations with sexual energy. 
Lorraine shares very personal journey, stories, reflections and insights that will leave you  roaring with laughter and knowing ‘you are not alone’
All is revealed in this hilariously funny and unapologetically honest look at of sex, sexual energy and sexuality.
Sue AllsworthAuthentic Smile
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Lorraine is a breath of fresh air. Not afraid to speak about intimacy and sexual energy communication and boundaries. Lorraine gives you a safe space to explore and delve deeper. . Highly recommended "
S. ThompsonCoaching
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I cant recommend her highly enough
Karen ShawAudience
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"Lorraine tells it as it is with real warmth and humour" Karen Shaw
Life and Soul RadioRadio Station
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"Lorraine talks from a level of knowledge which is empowering and refreshing, she pulls no punches and tells it like it is. If you are looking for an honest, relaxed and approachable speaker I would recommend Lorraine Crookes