Empowering Personal Boundaries

 The Three C’s Workshop For Schools 
Conscious Communication, Consent and Connection
The Three C’s workshop empowers young people in their personal boundaries by addressing Conscious Communication, Consent and Connection.
There is a lot of misunderstanding around personal boundaries which can leave young people feeling very confused. There is often a lot of fear and shame around creating personal bondaries which can create disempowerment and disconnection. Many young people end up having unwanted sexual connections, suffer with low self esteem, have negative mental health and unhealthy relationships as a result of not being empowered in understanding their personal boundaries
Understanding the Three C’s gives young people the foundations in understanding personal boundaries and promotes positive healthy relationships. 
Your Workshop Host – Lorraine Crookes
With a background in secondary education Lorraine has uniquely combined her broad experience in teaching with her current role empowering people in their relationship with themselves and others. 
Lorraine is an international speaker, best-selling author and educator. As a qualified practitioner in multiple holistic and healing practices, Lorraine is a much sought-after expert in her field having transformed the lives of thousands of people that have felt disconnected from their sexual energy.
Lorraine is passionate about educating the next generation to be empowered in their personal boundaries. She believes every young person should be equipped with the Three C’s and have conscious communication, consent and connection as underpinning life skills for a relationships, including the one with self. 

Ages 14-18 years old


Flexible On-site Delivery


Educational & Empowering


Interactive and Fun

This workshop is FREE to schools in Kent, Essex, Sussex and Surrey. 

Three C's Workshop

The Three C’s is an interactive, educational, fun and supportive workshop that empowers young people in personal boundaries by exploring the Three C’s – Conscious Communication, Consent and Connection.
Lorraine uses a range of age appropriate and supportive activities.  She provides life changing insights and tools to empower young people in  positive life choices. The one day workshop is FREE and delivered onsite at your school

What's covered in the workshop...

Conscious Communication – The workshop explores the importance of communication and how it is used in relationships around personal boundaries. All the activities shared enable young people to navigate and practice conscious communication in a safe way.
Consent – A range of practical activities around consent and boundaries to support young people to be more confident in their yes language and no’s. Consent and conscious communication are the foundations of this workshop empowering young people in healthier relationships with themselves and others. 
Connection –  Having established conscious communication and consent the workshop goes on to expand young peoples perceptions and understanding of connection to self and others.