The Three C's Workshop.

Conscious Communication, Consent and Connection

Young people often feel fear, shame and judgement about how they communicate, consent and connect with themselves and others. They feel disempowered and scared around intimacy and relationships.
For over two decades Lorraine taught in secondary education, eight of those years as a middle leader. As a teacher in health, social care and wellbeing Lorraine delivered many aspects of the sex education curriculum.
Lorraine’s Three C’s workshop is designed to empower young people in conscious communication, consent and connection in ALL relationships in life, not just intimate ones. 
The workshop is educational, interactive, experimental and fun. Lorraine is innovative and powerfully dynamic in her approach to such important life skills. 
Every young person should attend this empowering and life changing workshop. 

Conscious Communication, Consent and Connection will give young people tools for  empowered relationships in all areas of life.


Session1:  Learning Objectives
Understand types of communication
Understand the role of communication in consent
Demonstrate conscious and intentional communication with active listening 


Session 2: Learning Objectives
Understand the different types of consent
Understand the wheel of consent
Demonstrate how to be active in consent 


Session 3: Learning Outcomes
Demonstrate how to set clear boundaries
Demonstrate respect and responsibility towards others
Demonstrate consensual and appropriate touch

One Day Workshop


Ages 14-18 years old


Interactive and Fun


Educational & Empowering